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R.M. of Reciprocity No. 32 Coat of Arms

At the September 2004 meeting of council a resolution was passed to make an application to the Canadian Heraldic Society to procure armourial bearings for the R.M. of Reciprocity No. 32. In February of 2005 a committee consisting of council and administration was put together to develop a coat of arms for the municipality. The first step was to come up with the colours and items they wished to have as part of the coat of arms. The committees preliminary design was submitted to the Canadian Heraldic Society in March of 2005. In April 2005 the drafts were received and the final design was picked by council then approved by the Canadian Heraldic Society in August of 2005. The municipal coat of arms was unveiled at the April 2006 annual ratepayers supper.

The coat of arms is made up of a shield, a crest, supporters, and a motto. The shield is the centerpiece of the coat of arms and is the most essential part of an achievement of arms. The shield has two colours, a metal and a tincture, gold and black respectively. The gold is used to represent the golden wheat fields and the black signifies the oil, both major industries within the municipality. The shield is always partitioned into two sections with the use of heraldic lines. This shield is divided horizontally by a line of arrow points which gives an indication of trade which is in reference to the name “Reciprocity”. This shield is the first time this division line was used so the shield did not have any extra elements added to it as the herald wished it to remain simple. The crest sits above the shield and in this case is shown by a black disc on which a white cow’s head is placed, set on an oil derrick and flanked on both sides by a gold wheat plant. The cow’s head and the wheat symbolize the agriculture industry and the derrick the oil industry. The crest is set upon a wreath of two twisted silken cords, one the colour of the metal and the other the principal colour of the arms. There are six sections of the wreath to symbolize the six divisions of the municipality. The supporters are the figures on each side of the shield. The one on the left is a pioneer farm woman in clothing from 1911, the year of incorporation of the municipality. The right side supporter is a male oil worker from the time the oil industry developed in our area, circa 1954. The supporters are standing on prairie grass. They represent the solid foundations on which the municipality was established and prospered, as well as honour the men and women who have built the municipality over the years. The motto is intended to describe the motivation or intention of the corporation. They believed the pioneers who came and settled here saw this as a “Land of Opportunity”. The motto was further reinforced with the advent of the oil industry and today, the municipality can still be described as a “Land of Opportunity”. 

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